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multidisciplinary muse/diptych druid

"I feel like if you were to take a rollercoaster ride through his mind, you’d be winding around for hours, being surprised at how many times the imagery and thought patterns evolved. When I met him for the first time, he seemed like a slightly shy, very kind soul who just wanted to feel out your energy so he could do his best to match it- he’s very personable with everybody. What I didn’t know when I met Caleb is how fantastically shocked I would be when I saw his art. He has this style that is so aesthetically pleasing- but it goes deeper than that. Each painting takes several minutes to process. The intricacy of each stroke, the story the images tell, and the 3D effect of the images is like nothing I’ve ever seen. His style focuses a lot on greek mythology, drawing chiseled gods in less than 5 minutes is one of Caleb’s strong suits. His style is much more expansive than just greek mythology, though. I couldn’t say I was shocked after seeing Caleb’s multi-dimensional art that there were some psychedelic contributors." -J. R.

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Caleb "Cupid" Bauer is a 23 year old human transsexual artist and photographer based in Saint Louis, Missouri. After studying at both Kansas City Art Institute and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Cupid now pursues freelancing. He frequently works with themes of vulnerability, vibrancy, connection, and identity. They are enthusiastic about sustainability, electricity, and collective research.

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